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How to Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Without Risking Your 9-to-5

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How to Future-Proof Your Career

and why you need to be thinking like an entrepreneur even if you love your job


A Smart Method of Leveling Up Without Burning Out

so that you can make a smart transition into entrepreneurship while continuing to thrive in your career


The Most Common Mistakes

I see brilliant professional women make when they are considering stepping out and working for themselves


A Simple 4-Step Process

for taking smart steps towards entrepreneurship while maintaining your career and becoming an even greater asset on your job


Your Instructor

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Titilayo Tinubu Ali founded Own Your Expertise® to help professionals develop the business and leadership skills to work for themselves.

For the past 16 years, Titilayo has mentored emerging leaders and entrepreneurs alongside her career as an attorney, consultant and education policy researcher. She has coached women through landing their first consulting clients, generating $100,000+ in revenue, and turning their first profits in less than three months.

She routinely trains and speaks in college, university and corporate settings on how professionals can develop personal brands and take ownership of their careers.

Titilayo earned her an honors B.A. from Spelman College, an M.A. from Columbia University and J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law. She’s a certified entrepreneurship instructor for small business owners.