On point strategy to kickstart your business goals.

Schedule a 60-minute virtual strategy session to get clarity on the best next steps you should take to monetize your skills and get started launching your business.


In a 60-minute virtual strategy session, I can help you:

  1. Cut through your long list of business to-dos and focus on what you should be doing at your unique phase of business growth.

  2. Identify your target market and gain insights into how they think and what they want to buy from you.

  3. Get clarity on whether/how you should start a business.

  4. Determine how to package and price your skills and monetize them through consulting services.


About Me

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Hi, I’m Titilayo, founder of Own Your Expertise, and I help ambitious women professionals transition into entrepreneurship.

I first ventured into entrepreneurship when I was 21, launching a communications firm in three major markets (Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, NC) just a year after graduating from Spelman College. That entrepreneurial fervor never left me even as I went on to build my career, and for the past 15 years I've been a consultant alongside my career as an attorney and education policy researcher.

I am a certified NxLeveL® entrepreneurship instructor and I've since worked with solopreneurs, small business owners, nonprofits, startups and social enterprises to establish a solid business, marketing and strategy foundation for their new ventures.  

I've personally taught and coached over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, accountants, organizational development experts, curriculum designers and many others on how to package and price their expertise and move from business idea to implementation.

Whether you're hoping to be able to leap into entrepreneurship fully one day or you're planning to maintain steady additional income on the side, understanding how business works gives you options.

I’m looking forward to helping you reach your next stage of business growth.


Client Stories


Before working with Titilayo, I wasn't sure where to start, how to organize, or what was possible in the consulting field. I lacked knowledge of a succinct system to get me to the place of starting and was unclear about the path to consulting.

Over the course of working with Titilayo, I developed a clear vision for how I will start consulting, where this could possibly lead, and I reaffirmed my value in the space I intend to consult in. My first consulting gig is actually in the works, and I feel like a world of opportunities opened up.

—Jenay Sermon, Ph.D., Education Researcher and Innovator


Before my strategy session with Titilayo, I struggled with identifying what skills and services I have to share outside of my 9 to 5.

The strategy session helped me realize that I have so much experience that I can offer to potential clients. Because of our session, I now see new opportunities at every turn. 

Titilayo is a dream to work with. She is warm, knowledgeable and relatable. I appreciated that she prepared for our session by researching my work and offering pointed guidance and suggestions. I highly recommend you work with Titilayo!

—Chantá Parker, Attorney & Creator at Memo to Mattie


I had been in business before, and I was mentally ready to start another business, but I was struggling with structure and developing a focused strategy for how to begin. 

Through our work together, I've learned not to be a perfectionist and to build, measure, learn and repeat. I now believe that I'm expert enough, I'm organized financially, and I've identified my niche.

Just two months after working with Titilayo, I submitted my first proposal, gained my first paying clients and turned a profit for the first time in my business. I'm officially an entrepreneur again! 

—Deanna Mason, Creator and Founder of Refreshed Moms

I chose to work with Titilayo because of her proven success in supporting entrepreneurs. She is innovative, supportive, and inspiring. I was the person in her mastermind course who had the pieces of the puzzle, but struggled to put them together because I wanted everything to be perfect. Titilayo showed me how to get out of my own way and walk through a simple process where I quickly gained momentum and so much confidence! Within 8 weeks of working together, I submitted a six-figure multi-year proposal for a major client—AND I landed it! Now after a few months I have several new clients and I am using all of the skills, tools, and templates that Titilayo shared with my mastermind group. 

—Danielle E.


"I didn't have a roadmap and now I do."

Before working with Titilayo, I was having a hard time figuring out my niche. Over the course of working together, I have narrowed my niche; determined the cost value of my services; and learned about designing a marketing strategy. My perspective has definitely shifted from hesitant entrepreneur to confident consultant, and I have several new prospects.

I did not have a roadmap and now I do. Titilayo has been exactly what you need a coach to be...knowledgeable, encouraging, energetic, resourceful and flexible. I am so appreciative and better off for having taken part in the process. 

—M.J. Lane, Trust Administrator & Attorney