A HALf-day intensive and customized plan for launching YOUR BUSINESS IN 6-12 MONTHS


You're ready to level up and launch.

You've spent years developing your expertise and you're ready to build a business that allows you to generate income and make an impact.

But the list of marketing and business development to dos seems unending and you're overwhelmed by all of the moving parts.

The good news is You're in good company. 

According to the The 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses, women of color are leading the growth of new businesses.

Despite their growth, women-owned businesses still lag in revenues and receipts, often because they lack strategic support, mentorship and networking opportunities.

You're clear that launching a business will take work, and you need a customized plan for growth and a strategy to get you there.


"I didn't have a roadmap and now I do."

Before working with Titilayo, I was having a hard time figuring out my niche. Over the course of working together, I have narrowed my niche; determined the cost value of my services; and learned about designing a marketing strategy. My perspective has definitely shifted from hesitant entrepreneur to confident consultant, and I have several new prospects.

I did not have a roadmap and now I do. Titilayo has been exactly what you need a coach to be...knowledgeable, encouraging, energetic, resourceful and flexible. I am so appreciative and better off for having taken part in the process. 

—M.J. Lane, Trust Administrator & Attorney


The method

A Smart and Strategic Launch

In a highly specialized and seamless blend of business strategy and leadership coaching, together we'll create a launching pad for your transition into entrepreneurship. We'll work through habits and practices that will help you develop you into the leader you're meant to be, while also taking you through the practical foundations of building a profitable business:


Nail your niche

We'll start by getting clear on your strengths, your business idea and the market opportunity. 


connect & validate

You'll connect with prospects and validate your idea through our custom research protocol and insightful conversations with customers who fit your ideal client profile.  


CRAFT A plan

We'll determine your business model and craft a marketing and outreach plan for your launch. You will also work with our finance expert to create a transition plan for moving from employee to entrepreneur.


Launch & learn

You'll launch in 6-12 months and refine your product or service based on the feedback and key metrics. We approach business building as an interactive process and focus on how you can continuously improve from one phase to the next.



We believe that business development is personal development. You'll get coaching on personalized habits and practices you'll need to cultivate to become the leader you're meant to be.


meet your coach

Titilayo Tinubu Ali

I'm convinced that when more women of color successfully launch profitable businesses, we'll be better and our communities will be better for it. That's why I'm thrilled that you're interested in working with me in a Strategy Intensive, and I look forward to helping you level up.

I founded Own Your Expertise because it was the exact support I would have wanted when I launched into entrepreneurship 15 years ago.  When we work together, you'll benefit from my wide ranging experience as a corporate and intellectual property attorney,  published author and consultant with over a decade of service to clients spanning the corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic and public policy sectors.

I earned my B.A. from Spelman College, my master's degree from Columbia University, my law degree from UC Berkeley School of Law, and I'm a certified entrepreneurship instructor for small businesses.

I have provided legal and business counsel to Fortune 500 companies, social enterprises, family-owned businesses, solopreneuers and nonprofits. I have personally coached attorneys, doctors, accountants, organizational development experts, curriculum designers and many others through my Own Your Expertise method of moving idea to business implementation.

I've been there, learned the lessons, and I know that despite the overwhelm and nervousness you may be feeling right now, your career has already proven that you have what it takes. Now we're all waiting for you to step forward, solve problems and lead in the way that only you can.

Let's get you on track to package, price and position your expertise so that you can launch into business and rise into leadership. We need your contribution. 

the details

Here's how it works:

  • Shortly after booking your Strategy Intensive, you'll receive a comprehensive pre-call questionnaire to assess your strengths and clarify your goals.
  • You'll receive a pre-call agenda with a detailed breakdown of how we'll focus your session and pre-work to complete in advance.
  • We'll meet on Zoom for a private half-day one-on-one strategy intensive (4 hours) where we will get clear on exactly what you will sell and who you will sell it to, and create an implementation plan to move you towards a major business goal.
  • After your Strategy Intensive, I will create a custom implementation plan detailing your next steps and including resources, checklists, templates and personal development habits to practice as you put your plan into action
  • You'll receive video and audio recordings of your Strategy Intensive
  • You'll schedule your 1-hour financial transition planning call with our finance expert at a time that works for you within the next six months
  • We'll have three 1-hour coaching calls over the course of the next 6-12 months to see how your implementation is coming and to address any sticking points

Logistics & Investment

This is a virtual session unless you’re willing to travel to Atlanta, Georgia. Your investment in a Strategy Intensive is $3,500. If this is the support you need to launch, I would love to explore working together. The first step is to complete an application by clicking the button below.


Check out the FAQ and email us at support@ownyourexpertise.co if your question isn't answered. We will arrange a short phone call to help you determine if an Own Your Expertise® Strategy Intensive is a good fit for your needs.

client testimonials

Clarity, Confidence, Profit


Before working with Titilayo, I wasn't sure where to start, how to organize, or what was possible in the consulting field. I lacked knowledge of a succinct system to get me to the place of starting and was unclear about the path to consulting.

Over the course of working with Titilayo, I developed a clear vision for how I will start consulting, where this could possibly lead, and I reaffirmed my value in the space I intend to consult in. My first consulting gig is actually in the works, and I feel like a world of opportunities opened up.

—Jenay Sermon, Ph.D., Education Researcher and Innovator


Before my strategy session with Titilayo, I struggled with identifying what skills and services I have to share outside of my 9 to 5.

The strategy session helped me realize that I have so much experience that I can offer to potential clients. Because of our session, I now see new opportunities at every turn. 

Titilayo is a dream to work with. She is warm, knowledgeable and relatable. I appreciated that she prepared for our session by researching my work and offering pointed guidance and suggestions. I highly recommend you work with Titilayo!

—Chantá Parker, Attorney & Creator at Memo to Mattie


I had been in business before, and I was mentally ready to start another business, but I was struggling with structure and developing a focused strategy for how to begin. 

Through our work together, I've learned not to be a perfectionist and to build, measure, learn and repeat. I now believe that I'm expert enough, I'm organized financially, and I've identified my niche.

Just two months after working with Titilayo, I submitted my first proposal, gained my first paying clients and turned a profit for the first time in my business. I'm officially an entrepreneur again! 

—Deanna Mason, Creator and Founder of Refreshed Moms


Do you only work with women of color?
No. While women of color are the primary audience of our coaching services and trainings, we serve everyone.

I'm not sure what kind of business I want to start. Should I wait until I have a better idea before I work with you?
This is probably the best time to work together! I've found that too many emerging entrepreneurs waste time spinning their wheels and could benefit from the wisdom and perspective that working with a seasoned entrepreneur and coach can bring. I'd love to help you begin your entrepreneurial journey in a streamlined and efficient way.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
Due to the custom nature of coaching services, we hold a firm no-refund policy. If you book a session and you are unable to make it, you may reschedule at another available time.