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are you considering entrepreneurship, but you aren’t sure where to start?

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When I'm chatting with women who are considering launching into entrepreneurship, the most common question I hear is, "What in the heck do I do first?" 

Do I need a website?

How will I find clients?

What should I charge?

What services should I offer?

Will I be able to make enough money?

Can I balance business with my full-time job?

Am I even expert enough?

With so many tools and business gurus these days, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the should-dos before you even get started.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Grab my simple Launch Roadmap to get focused and get started.


"I didn't have a roadmap and now I do."

Before working with Titilayo, I was having a hard time figuring out my niche. Over the course of working together, I have narrowed my niche; determined the cost value of my services; and learned about designing a marketing strategy. My perspective has definitely shifted from hesitant entrepreneur to confident consultant, and I have several new prospects.

I did not have a roadmap and now I do. Titilayo has been exactly what you need a coach to be...knowledgeable, encouraging, energetic, resourceful and flexible. I am so appreciative and better off for having taken part in the process. 

—M.J. Lane, Trust Administrator & Attorney


Hi, I'm Titilayo Tinubu Ali, founder of Own Your Expertise.

I help women professionals like you monetize your skills beyond your 9-to-5 so that you can have the freedom and flexibility to launch into entrepreneurship if you ever want to or need to.

For the past 15 years, I’ve mentored emerging leaders and entrepreneurs alongside my career as an attorney, writer and education policy consultant. I’ve trained and spoken in college, university and corporate setting on how professionals can take ownership of designing their careers by being more entrepreneurial.

While my formal education definitely prepared me well—I earned my B.A. from Spelman College, my master's degree from Columbia University, and my J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law—I credit the hard earned lessons of entrepreneurship for giving me the tools to have the freedom and flexibility to shape my career.

Whether you're hoping to be able to leap into entrepreneurship fully one day or you're planning to maintain steady additional income on the side, understanding how business works gives you options.

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