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Tuesday, January 22 at 8pm EST

How to Land Your First Paying Client While Thriving in Your 9-to-5

The Simple, Streamlined Way to Make a Smart Transition into Entrepreneurship (Without Risking It All, Burning Yourself Out or Getting Stuck Trying to Figure Out What to Do First)


In this Masterclass, you’ll learn:


How to Future-Proof Your Career

and why you need to be thinking about entrepreneurship even if you love your job


How to Set Your Business Goals

so that you won’t get burned out or hinder your career advancement while you’re building your business


The Most Common Mistakes

I see working women make when their building their businesses (and how to avoid them)


A Simple and Straight-to-the-Point Business Launch Method

that cuts through the noise, saves you time and puts you on the fast track to landing your first client

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Women are driving the growth in entrepreneurship, with women of color leading the way.

But many of us are taking the leap unprepared.

Out many years of education taught us how to be great employees, but no one ever showed us us how to be a boss.

So we excel at work but still feel boxed in.

We’re doing the most, but we feel like we’re not doing enough.

We crave more freedom and flexibility and the opportunity to build businesses that feed ourselves and serve others.

When you know how to work for yourself, you can:

- make empowered career choices,

- generate more money,

- have more more freedom and flexibility,

- and have the option to transition into entrepreneurship when you’re ready.

This free masterclass will give you a practical framework for building a career and life that truly works for you.


You Won’t Want to Miss This Masterclass if…

  • You’re a working woman who has seen other women entrepreneurs rise and you’ve always wondered how they do it

  • You’ve been piecing together business building tips online, but you’re tired of wasting time googling around

  • You’re proud of the career you’ve built and you want to leverage it to create more opportunities and make more money

  • You aren’t the “leap and figure out type” and you want to make a smart, strategic transition into entrepreneurship when you’re ready


Hi, I’m Titilayo, founder of Own Your Expertise® and your instructor for this masterclass.

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I help working women get their first clients and make smart transitions from 9-to-5 life into entrepreneurship.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been a consultant alongside my career as an attorney, writer and researcher.

Along the way, I’ve taught mentored other women on how to launch into entrepreneurship because I believe that we all deserve to have the tools to make money, create jobs and shape our careers on our own terms.

I’ve coached women through landing their first consulting clients, generating $100,000+ in revenue, and turning a their first profit in less than three months.

While my formal education definitely shaped me to do this work—I earned my B.A. with honors from Spelman College, M.A. from Columbia University, and J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law—my 15 years of independent consulting taught me hard earned lessons in how to build something from nothing, serve clients, turn a profit and play bigger in business and life.

Whether you want to work for yourself full-time or you're planning to continue in your career and grow your business on the side, being entrepreneurial gives you options. I’m here to demystify the process and share some practical step-by-step keys with you in this new live masterclass.

See you in class!