You don't have to quit your job and move to Bali to be entrepreneurial and live your best life.

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For the past 15 years, I've consulted and mentored emerging entrepreneurs alongside my career as an attorney, writer and education policy analyst.

Along the way, I've seen too many smart women leap into entrepreneurship unprepared or stay on their jobs and feel underutilized because they aren't fully leveraging their skills.

You don't have to quit your job and move to Bali in order to live your best life. You can thrive on your job now and strategically prepare yourself for the transition into entrepreneurship when you're ready.

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Hi, I'm Titilayo Tinubu Ali, and I founded Own Your Expertise® to provide the support, community and training to help women professionals uncover their unique genius, build their personal brands, and make a greater contribution to their fields as leaders and entrepreneurs. 

In my 19-page guide, you will learn:

  • My journey to entrepreneurship and launching my own communications firm just a year out of college

  • Why I suggest you keep your job and cultivate entrepreneurial habits before you leap

  • The top three mistakes entrepreneurial women make (and three action steps you should take instead)

  • A simple tool to get clarity on what your speaking, consulting or publishing offer should be