Get Inspired: 41 Women Consultants and 51 Proven Consulting Niches

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If you’re thinking about stepping out on your own as a consultant one day, you probably have a common hesitation that I often hear among women I coach: 

Am I expert enough and would people even pay me to do what I do?

Despite your impressive degrees, undeniable accomplishments, and overwhelming evidence to support the fact that you know your stuff, it may be difficult to figure out how exactly you can translate your 9-to-5 experience into a viable consulting business.

You aren't alone in this hesitation, and my answer to your question is part strategy and part mindset. 

Part One: Strategy

Landing consulting opportunities (or being successful in any business venture for that matter) essentially requires three elements:

  1. a problem that needs to be solved,
  2. a clear skill set that will solve that problem, and
  3. clients who are willing and able to pay you to solve that problem. 

These three elements are central to our training framework, and if you focus on nailing them down, you'll be setting yourself up for long-term consulting success.

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Part Two: Mindset

Mindset is often the difference between women who boldly launch and move their businesses forward and others who stall and continue to play small. Whether through reading books, seeking out a mentor, reading case studies or listening to podcast interviews, it's imperative that you douse your mind with successful examples of the career path you're setting out to pursue. 

Consulting can be isolating by nature and the learning curve is steep, so this path can be daunting if you don't have support and accountability. Women who surround themselves with colleagues and mentors with consulting experience are more likely to thrive because they have constant reminders of what’s possible and are able to learn from others’ hard-earned lessons and experience.

Seeing and studying examples of women consultants can also be helpful because you might find a woman whose particular skills, experience, client base or personality mirrors you, and it can serve as confirmation that you, yes YOU, can be successful on this path.

It pains me to hear brilliant, capable women tell me they aren't experienced enough or knowledgeable enough to get started. I believe much of this doubt stems from not seeing enough examples of women like them who are thriving in consulting. 

To prove them (and maybe you) wrong, I did a roll call on Facebook and curated this list of inspiring women consultants from my alumni, business and social networks. 

Get inspired, and start thinking about what’s possible in your industry with your skills.

Business Affairs & Strategy

Breanne Dyck, founder and lead consultant, MNIB Consulting, Inc., business scaling and growth consultant,

Aandra Bohlen Hall-Sharif, business consultant and certified empowerment coach,

kalvina (1).png

Kalvina Shelton, business strategist, consultant and coach,

Emily Volz, bookkeeper for online service-based entrepreneurs,  

Natasha Vorompiova, Founder of Systems Rock, systems strategist for small business owners,

Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq., business and legal affairs advisor, brand and marketing strategy consultant for creatives,

Career & Leadership Development

Khadija Head, career stylist for college coaches,

Jeanette Jordan, coaching for career changers, LinkedIn

Elisabeth Cronise McLaughlin, CEO of Gaia Project Consulting, LLC and Founder of The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership,

Communications, Media & Public Relations

Brigitte Lyons, CEO at ‎B: the forward-thinking PR agency, 

Rashida Rawls, President & CEO, Ra Communications

Katrina L. Rogers, Principal, Kalaro Media, communications and political consultant,

Jennifer J. Smith, Parter at Media Inc., media consultant for political campaigns, LinkedIn

Nicole Y. Williams, President & CEO, Elocin Enterprises, communications and public relations,


Monea Tamara Abdul-Majeed, copywriter, online business manager and digital marketing strategist,

Alexandra Franzen, ghostwriter, copywriter, and writing coach/consultant,

Suzanne Hamilton, copywriter and digital marketing strategist,

Jenny Kanevsky, sales copywriter, author and editor,

Digital Media & Social Media Marketing

Shakyna Bolden, brand and content development strategist

April D. Lewis, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, sales consulting

Jena Liat, Pinterest marketing consultant,

Beth Nyhart, Facebook advertising and sales funnel consultant,

Bolanile Olatunji, digital marketing and brand development for startups, LinkedIn

Julie Stoian, digital marketing strategist,

Tasha Turner, President, Beauty Beat NYC, marketing strategist for beauty brands,


Kaneisha Grayson, Founder, The Art of Applying, graduate school admissions consulting,

Jenn Roberts, CEO & Founder, Versed Education Group, race, equity and inclusion in education,

Alison Harris Welcher, education leadership consulting, LinkedIn

Event and Meeting Planning

Bibi Williams, CEO, Organized Khaos LLC, event/meeting planning and project Management,

Deborah Wilson-Scott, Owner, Something to Talk About Events, event planning, Facebook page

Image Consulting

Courtney Rae O'Neal, Founder, Courted! LLC, image consulting,

Randi Pund, fashion stylist, GoodLooks

Interior Design


Jazmine Howard, CEO, Meraki Blues, stylist, interior designer and visual merchandising consultant,

Nonprofit Management and Program Development

Christian M. Bell, program evaluation for nonprofit organizations,

Tonya Calhoun, CEO, Altruistically Yours, volunteer program developer and volunteer event consultant for nonprofit organizations,

Makeba Dixon-Hill, program evaluation, artist consulting, board advising, LinkedIn

Belinda Lyons-Newman, Principal, Lyons-Newman Consulting,

Public Policy

Sonja Diaz, legal and policy counsel, LinkedIn

Angela Rye, Principal, IMPACT Strategies,


Maia Baff, user experience design and product strategy for websites and apps,

Sarah Kay Morrison, web design,


Here are 10 more consulting niches to get your ideas flowing:

  1. Accounting
  2. Book publishing
  3. Community engagement
  4. Corporate wellness
  5. Fundraising
  6. Garden planning
  7. Home and office decluttering
  8. Human resources
  9. Nutrition and meal planning
  10. Personal branding

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About the Author

Titilayo Tinubu Ali is founder of Own Your Expertise, a training company that helps women turn their 9-to-5 knowledge and experience into consulting opportunities.