Making Career Choices that Align With Your Values and Why I Said Farewell to Big Law

In today’s episode of the Own Your Expertise Show, I’m sharing about the recent decision I made to shift out of working for big law and explore other exciting ways to support businesses with my legal skills.

Also, tune in to hear about how to get one of the limited private coaching spots I’m offering between now and the end of the year. As I mention in the episode, I likely won’t be doing more one-on-one work again until at least summer 2020, so if you’d like my support reaching your entrepreneurial goals, listen in and head over to the private coaching page to learn more.

Lastly, if you’ve also been considering making the leap into entrepreneurship, tune in as I describe the modules in Before You Leap, my step-by-step mini course that walks you through the exact process I’ve used and I’ve coached others through when making the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Let’s go to the show.

P.S. Enter the code “freedom” to get 30% off Before You Leap (only 10 coupons available and they expire in a few days).


  • The thinking behind my recent decision to shift away from practicing in big law

  • How the most adorable “last day” party my kids threw for me took a painful turn

  • What I’m up to now and what’s on the horizon for me personally and at Own Your Expertise

  • The difference between running to entrepreneurship and running away from your job

  • How the Own Your Expertise team is growing and my new private coaching offerings

  • The 5 steps my new mini course Before You Leap walks you through to prepare you for the transition from employee to entrepreneur