Are you a juggler or a slugger?

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Are you a juggler or are you a slugger? 

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I was at Andrew Nguyen's #BYOBRetreat this past weekend (which was fantastic and I will do a recap of that at some point soon in the future). During the conference, I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of listening to a keynote by Dia Simms. 

If you don't know, Dia Simms is the president of Combs Enterprises, the holding company for Sean "Diddy" Combs' entities. Dia is the first ever male or female to hold the role of president in 24 years of the company's existence. She's a boss, a wife and mother of a young daughter. 

During the Q&A, someone asked Dia how she balances it all--home, work, husband, daughter, self? Her response is going instantly became a mindset, a movement and a mantra for me. 

She said, "Look, I'm not a clown. I'm not a juggler. I don't juggle things. It's not what I do. Instead, I approach everything as if I'm at a batting cage. I take every ball that comes my way, and I aim, focus and knock it out of the park. When the next ball comes in, I aim, focus and knock it out of the park. So when I'm with my daughter, I'm with my daughter and I knock it out of the park. When I'm in a meeting, I'm really present in that meeting and I knock it out of the park." 

Such good advice, right? 

It really spoke to me because, especially for those of us who are building businesses while working, raising families, raising ourselves . . . it can be a lot. 

By and large, society has glorified the idea of overworking, doing the most and multitasking--something that many women tend to be naturally good at, for better or worse. 

But, in fact, research shows that single tasking is far more productive and we're able to get more out of the time we have when we're focused, in the moment and truly present. 

So, who's down for practicing this subtle mindset shift? Do you want to be a juggler or a slugger? Let's knock some things out of the park.

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Titilayo Tinubu Ali
Founder, Own Your Expertise®

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