Here's what it means to Own Your Expertise.

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You do not have to quit your job and move to Bali to be entrepreneurial and live your best life.

Somewhere along the way, the entrepreneurship craze has brought on quite a bit of 9 to 5 shame.

And it's a shame, especially because so much growth and preparation for entrepreneurship can take place on your job if you're open to it.

The leap-and-figure-it-out approach may work for some, but not for most of my clients. And it may not make sense for you if you're anything like them:

You're the colleague people come to when things need to be executed with excellence.

You're thriving professionally and in a good space.

But for all that you've accomplished, sometimes you feel trapped.

You've mastered the job context, but all of your years of education never taught you how to thrive on your own.

In a sense, you feel both badass and boxed in.

You're under no illusion that hustling on your 9-to-5 is sustainable or the path to reaching your financial goals. But you're not trying to quit your job and move to Bali.

You have college tuition to save for, aging parents to care for, a mortgage, a self-care budget and good health benefits that you actually use.

When you see these coaches and gurus pop up in your newsfeed promising to show you the way to six figures in 60 days, you are unimpressed and unmoved.

They get the side eye because you know the blood, sweat, tears it took to earn every comma in your bank account.

I believe there can be a third way for women like you who want to continue to thrive in their jobs now and equip themselves to thrive on their own when they are ready.

You can do both.

You can become an even greater asset to your employer by being entrepreneurial and leveling up your personal brand.

You can make a greater contribution as a leading thinker and fresh voice in your field.

You can generate extra income from speaking, consulting or publishing without risking it all and burning the candle at both ends.

You can become a brand now and make a strategic shift into entrepreneurship when you're ready.

That's what it means to own your expertise.


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