Working for yourself isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be so complicated.

Last week, I was chatting with someone who was feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by her business to-do list. I asked permission to share a reframe that might help, and she welcomed it.

My advice was really a question for her to consider: Are you even sure the things on your to-do list are things you should be doing?

It turned out that she, like so many of us, had fallen into the sunken place of trying to do all the things the gurus and experts said she should do--courses and funnels and blogging and social media and fancy websites and, and, and.

We can be inspired by the way others have done business, but their successes don't mean that their way is the only way. And something may be the right tactic but just not the right time for where you are in the life cycle of your business.

If we aren't careful, we'll get to a place where we can't hear our own voices in the midst of all the noise.

I made something for her and for you. My new checklist distills the process of getting your first (or fiftieth) client down to six essential steps that you can shape around your particular preferences and goals.

Working for yourself isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be so complicated.

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