What's your "break the glass" strategy?

break the glass.png

If you needed to make (not find) work for yourself, how would you do it?

When I first started consulting, I was just out of college and wanted to chart a path of my own choosing. I was so committed to my vision of using my writing and media skills to support nonprofits that I was thrilled to waitress at Olive Garden at night while building my book of consulting business by day.

The dream didn’t always look pretty, but it was mine.

Since landing my first client 15 years ago, I've consulted for a national health advocacy organization, a social justice magazine, music artists, a large-scale $2.8 billion community development initiative and many more. Consulting has provided an opportunity to serve a diverse roster of clients (turned friends), and it has been a valuable tool and safety net throughout my career.

Consulting was a tool to generate more income while earning my master’s degree and my law degree.

Consulting has been a tool that I've leaned on most recently when I quickly realized that I needed more control over when and I how I worked now that I'm raising two tiny humans.

Consulting has even made me a better employee as I've gotten more comfortable taking ownership of projects and leading them as if they're mini-businesses.

Here's what so powerful:

When you have the business skills to create work for yourself, you can walk with a certain confidence and freedom knowing that you’ve got YOU. Having the skills to pitch clients, generate business, and market, sell and deliver your professional brilliance gives you options.


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