Hi, I’m Titilayo.

Whether you have dreams of being an entrepreneur, or you just want to have the flexibility to work remotely, the future of work is calling all of us to step up and be more boss.

Knowing how to pitch clients, bring in business, and market your expertise gives you options. These skills also make you a more valuable employee.

I founded Own Your Expertise® to help you thrive at work now and launch into entrepreneurship whenever you’re ready.

We are building a world where everyone has the tools of entrepreneurship to experience the freedom, flexibility and financial security of working on their own terms.

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Our Mission

We believe that entrepreneurship skills are survival skills that should be in your toolbox. 

We are especially committed to sharing these tools with underrepresented professionals and building a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We know that when you have the tools to think and act like an entrepreneur you can:

  • Be more fulfilled in your work and solve problems in your community

  • Lean out of workplaces that don’t support you

  • Be location independent and work from wherever

  • Take on the amount and type of work that fits your lifestyle

  • Be confident knowing that no matter what life changes happen, you can make it on your own

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“Titilayo's story and her career tips were right on, and refreshingly optimistic. The most impactful part of the event was the opportunity for personal reflection."

Andrew Lehner
Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development
Mitchell Hamline School of Law

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“Over the course of working with Titilayo, I developed a clear vision for how I will start consulting, where this could possibly lead, and I reaffirmed my value in the space I intend to consult in. My first consulting gig is actually in the works, and I feel like a world of opportunities opened up.”

Jenay Sermon, Ph.D.
Education Researcher and Innovator


“Titilayo's Go-Getter's Manifesto for Law Students has all the passion, vigor, and action of Steve Jobs’ graduation speech. You are so dedicated in inspiring attorneys to not just have a job but have or create a job you love. Thank you for being a credit and catalyst to change in our community!"   

Su Dalal
Founder of FindMyLawTutor.com

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“I had been in business before, and I was mentally ready to start another business, but I was struggling with structure and developing a focused strategy for how to begin. 

Just two months after working with Titilayo, I submitted my first proposal, gained my first paying clients and turned a profit for the first time in my business. I'm officially an entrepreneur again!” 

Deanna Mason
Creator and Founder of Refreshed Moms

About the Founder

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Titilayo Tinubu Ali is founder of Own Your Expertise®, a business and leadership training company that teaches entrepreneurial skills to employees and students.

For the past 16 years, Titilayo has mentored emerging leaders and entrepreneurs alongside her career as an attorney, consultant and education policy researcher. She has coached women through landing their first consulting clients, generating $100,000+ in revenue, and turning their first profits in less than three months.

She routinely trains and speaks in college, university and corporate settings on how professionals can develop personal brands and take ownership of their careers.

Titilayo earned her an honors B.A. from Spelman College, an M.A. from Columbia University and J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law. She’s a certified entrepreneurship instructor for small business owners.