The world of work is evolving.
Are you ready?

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Companies are increasingly asking their employees to be more innovative, creative and entrepreneurial to stay competitive.

Meanwhile, technology has increasingly made remote and flexible work arrangements the norm—a win-win for employers and employees.


The U.S. is rapidly becoming a freelance economy with self-employed workers on pace to be the workforce majority in 10 years. Women are leading innovation and growth with women of color driving a surge in entrepreneurship.

But, while many women are highly skilled in their fields, few received any training in business development or entrepreneurial thinking to prepare them for the emerging freelance economy.


Meet the Founder

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Hi, I’m Titilayo Tinubu Ali, founder of Own Your Expertise, and I believe that every woman should have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills that equip her to rise into greater leadership at work, make empowered career choices and create wealth through entrepreneurship when she’s ready.

That’s what it means to own your expertise.

Owning your expertise looks different for every woman. It may mean:

  • Seeking out the tools and mentorship you need to go after the promotion

  • Being more visible and getting more comfortable sharing your ideas

  • Writing your book

  • Stepping into consulting to create more work more flexibility

  • Launching your business idea

Through my workshops, online learning experiences and private coaching, I help your clarify the goals of your next stage of professional growth and cultivate entrepreneurial skills to propel you in the workplace and beyond.


Titilayo Tinubu Ali
Founder, Own Your Expertise®

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Here are the two ways we can work together:

Coaching for Women

Private 1-on-1 coaching to help you clarify your expertise and create a plan for growth

Speaking & Workshops for All Audiences

Bring Own Your Expertise® to your organization with a signature workshop or keynote speech

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Why FOCUS ON women?

Despite many advances towards gender equity, there are still relatively few women in leadership roles, and a troublesome gap in pay persists. These gaps are even more profound for women of color who will comprise the majority of all women in the near future.

Studies have shown that when companies invest in women leaders they benefit from, among many other things, employee retention, enhanced brand equity, greater innovation and increased profits.

Investing in the entrepreneurial growth of all women ,with a particular focus on women of color, will not only help create economic security for these women but also fortify our global economy as they lead innovation and growth.