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Helping working women transition into entrepreneurship.


Workplace bias and a desire for work-life balance are driving more women of into self-employment and entrepreneurship.

But many are taking the leap unprepared, leaving their ventures unsupported and short-lived.


We envision a world where all women have the tools to work for themselves, launch a business and create financial security for themselves and others.


Hi, I’m Titilayo, founder of Own Your Expertise.

I help women professionals like you monetize your skills beyond your 9-to-5 so that you’re empowered to work for yourself or launch a business when you’re ready.

Whether you want to work for yourself full-time or you're planning to keep your job and take on consulting work on the side, knowing how to run a business gives you options.

Get started by downloading my Launch Roadmap. Browse through recent articles below, and pop over to Instagram and say hello. Glad to have you here.


Titilayo Tinubu Ali
Founder, Own Your Expertise®


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