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We help smart women get out there and sell their skills.

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Highly accomplished women professionals are often crippled by self-doubt and find themselves feeling stuck in careers they’ve worked so hard to build.

They have mastered climbing the ladder and being good employees, but they haven’t learned how to think and move like an entrepreneur.

We believe that business and self-promotion skills are essential for every woman professional who desires to take career matters into her own hands and build a personal brand that gives her options.

Hi, I’m Titilayo, founder of Own Your Expertise® where we help women share and sell their skills. Though my workshops, trainings and signature program, I teach self-promotion, personal branding and business development so that women have the skills to ascend into leadership at work and launch into business when they are ready.

But really, this about making you unstoppable and giving you the tools to chart any professional path you choose. Welcome!

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“Titilayo's story and her career tips were right on, and refreshingly optimistic. The most impactful part of the event was the opportunity for personal reflection."

—Andrew Lehner, Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development
Mitchell Hamline School of Law

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“Over the course of working with Titilayo, I developed a clear vision for how I will start consulting, where this could possibly lead, and I reaffirmed my value in the space I intend to consult in. My first consulting gig is actually in the works, and I feel like a world of opportunities opened up.”

—Jenay Sermon, Ph.D., Education Researcher and Innovator


“Titilayo's Go-Getter's Manifesto for Law Students has all the passion, vigor, and action of Steve Jobs’ graduation speech. You are so dedicated in inspiring attorneys to not just have a job but have or create a job you love. Thank you for being a credit and catalyst to change in our community!"   

—Su Dalal, Founder of

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“I had been in business before, and I was mentally ready to start another business, but I was struggling with structure and developing a focused strategy for how to begin. 

Just two months after working with Titilayo, I submitted my first proposal, gained my first paying clients and turned a profit for the first time in my business. I'm officially an entrepreneur again!” 

—Deanna Mason, Creator and Founder of Refreshed Moms



How to Share and Sell Your Skills Beyond Your Job